Serbia, Zlatibor


Exclusive offer!!! Excellent village house in Zlatibor, Srbija. Villa is 889 m sq in the plot of land of 1557 m sq. 

Serbia, Novi sad


Exclusive offer! Commercial property with two apartments 580 SQ.m in the center of Novi Sad, Srbija, Menratov Palace. Historical place in the heart of cultural and business center. Best offer for your business and life! 

Montenegro, Danilovgrad


Montenegro4u is offer for you best property for villagelife! Plot of 4803 m.sq and house of 116 m.sq. in Danilovgrad, Montenegro

Montenegro, Danilovgrad


Agricultural land in Montenegro for sale! 100 000 m.sq 

Best price!  

Montenegro, Petrovac


Hotel in Petrovac with view by the sea 700 m.sq. in the plot of land of 1200 m.sq.

Excelent offer for hotel business or apartments!

Montenegro, Danilovgrad, vineyard


Vineyard in Montenegro in the plot od land of 10 000 m.sq. 

High quality of vine and life!